Taxi Bratislava for a fixed price

From now on, book a ride in Taxi Bratislava for a fixed price simply by phone or in the app. Call us every working day and our staff will gladly advise you.

A fixed price for a taxi in Bratislava is no longer possible only in traveling to and from the airport, but also when traveling by taxi within Bratislava. As a passenger, you always know exactly how much a taxi trip will cost you. Download our app and find out in advance your price for a Taxi in Bratislava.

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Thanks to the amendment to the law, local Bratislava taxis can offer a fixed price even within Bratislava.

As soon as you order a taxi by phone or through our application, you can choose whether you want to drive for a pre-agreed fixed price or pay the price at the taximeter, as before.


The fixed price for a taxi in Bratislava is based on our current taxi service tariffs, which consist of a day and night tariff. This price is sometimes more advantageous than driving with a taximeter. Depending on the route and other factors, the fixed price offered in advance can sometimes be higher than the taxi meter price.

According to Act no. 56/2012 on road transport, a fixed price for a Bratislava taxi is only possible for trips that are ordered through a communication service (e.g. by phone or via an application). Therefore, if you stop a taxi on the street or start your journey at a taxi rank, the price shown on the taximeter applies as prescribed by law.

Your Taxi MB – Taxi Bratislava for a fixed price


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Order a taxi in Bratislava conveniently through our taxi application. Enter where you are traveling from and to, add your card, or view your trip history. You can rate the driver after the ride. Below you will find the download links.

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