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Frequently asked questions and answers

How can I pay for the Bratislava taxi service at your Taxi 17700 taxi service?

You can pay for your taxi trip in cash, with a card directly in the vehicle, or with a card through our application. For clients who have signed an invoicing contract with us, we also allow payment on the invoice. In addition, they receive a clear statement of trips for the entire month.

Is there any surcharge for a Mercedes-Benz taxi?

Because we respect our customers, we only chose to work with drivers driving Mercedes-Benz vehicles. Since in our fleet you will only find vehicles of this particular brand, rides on these vehicles are free of surcharge.

Is there a difference in price if you order a taxi in Bratislava via phone, app or if I stop you on the street?

There is no such difference in our taxi service Taxi MB. We guarantee you the same price, whether you call us, order us through our TAXI MB application, or stop us on the street. All our prices are transparent and without hidden fees.

Do you have increased tolls during peak hours, similar to alternative applications?

No we do not have. We have only two tariffs - day and night. Our taxi service does not increase during peak hours 🙂

If I want to book a taxi in Bratislava in advance, is there such an option?

Of course yes. Fill out our simple form to easily order a taxi online. If you prefer personal contact, we will be happy if you call us on our phone number taxi Bratislava 02/17 700.

I forgot my mobile phone or bag in the taxi. What should I do?

In most cases, the driver of our taxi service Taxi Bratislava MB will call you himself. However, sometimes things happen so that even the taxi driver doesn't notice them. In any case, call us at Taxi Bratislava 02/17 700 and we will do our best to return your forgotten item to you.

How much will my taxi ride cost?

Take a look about our actual tariffs